Electrosurgical Cables

Electromechanical Wiring for Electrosurgical Medical InstrumentsWire and Cable Assembly Manufacturing for Electrosurgical Equipment

The experts at Custom Wire Industries are highly experienced in manufacturing wires and cables for certain devices used in the medical industry, specifically electrosurgical medical instruments.  Our electromechanical engineers can make lead wires and cables for electrosurgical equipment quickly and efficiently while meeting your unique specifications and requirements.

Laparoscopes, endoscopes, and medical laser equipment are all common equipment used in the medical industry to run important tests or perform treatments. Custom Wire Industries team of expert engineers and technicians have extensive experience in manufacturing complex custom cable assemblies for electrosurgical instruments and other medical cable assemblies.

Cables used to wire electrosurgical medical instruments include:

We have a wide variety of cables for many different types of industries, but we see every new assembly as a new challenge. Our technicians will design, create and test any type of medical application cable assembly you need and when you need.

Contact the electrosurgical wire and cable manufacturers today for the best cable assembly services.