Parallel Cables

Parallel Cable and Port

Get Parallel Cables from the Experts at Custom Wire Industries

While originating years ago with older models of computers, parallel cables are still used today for a wide variety of computer equipment. USB ports are more common for computers, but parallel cables and ports a found with a lot of hardware and computer equipment, such as printers, scanners, and external drives. 

Custom Wire Industries can fabricate parallel cables for your business’s exact application. We are a UL and CSA certified company with a team of wire experts at your disposal – give us a call today and learn more about our wire and cable fabrication services.

Computer Wire and Cable Fabrication Services

Custom Wire offers a wide range of professionally-fabricated wires and cables custom-designed for your exact needs. Data cables are most often fabricated for the software and telecommunications industries, and can range from:

Professional, high-quality data cables and wires are only a call away! Contact the wire experts at Custom Wire industries today to get a quote for our services.

Call or email the data cable professionals at Custom Wire today to get a quote for your next project.
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